Over the last 10 years I have tried and tested many strategies to help cope with anxiety related disorders and feel more content. If you are facing anything similar then I hope this blog will be helpful.

My attempts to reduce the mental clutter have spanned Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, counselling, medication, mindfullness, decluttering, pilates, yoga and more. Despite having a degree in Psychology, it took me a long time to see that a pattern kept repeating itself. I would start something new in high hopes, then soon feel the amount of effort felt monumental in comparison to the benefits which were more subtle than anticipated. Feeling disheartened, I would class it as a failure.

I realised that I needed to adjust my expectations. I accepted that it is important to focus on the journey, rather than setting an unrealistic goal. This meant giving things a try, making changes that I could realistically keep up and appreciating each small improvement.

This blog is my journey of what has and hasn’t helped me and I hope that it will help you find what works for you.