Decluttering For A Calmer Environment

About a year ago my ex partner moved his belongings out of our house and I was shocked to see the amount of possessions that remained as they were all mine. This spurred me on to declutter in the hope that it would create a simpler and calmer environment in which I could relax more easily.

Everyone has a preferred rate of decluttering and mine is slow and steady. I use the weekly bin day as my reminder to bin, recycle or donate a couple of things. At first it didn’t seem to have much impact and the goal felt a long way off, but over time I can see the house improving. However the impact on my mind is greater.

I have shifted my focus to the journey and not the end goal. This has enabled me to feel a sense of positivity and freedom each time I get  rid of something. Positivity from knowing I am working towards a calmer environment in my house. Freedom from the psychical clutter and any negative memories the objects held.

There are more benefits to decluttering though.You are likely to feel less inclined to want to aquire new possessions as you realise most of them will soon turn into clutter anyway. This means wasting less time wanting for things you don’t have and spending less money on unnecessary items, which in turn can ease financial stresses.

Here are a few strategies and tips if you want to give it a go:

  1. Select one small area of your home and go through it thoroughly. This could be one kitchen cupboard, one rail in the wardrobe or one shelf in the bathroom. You will see immediate progress and it will give you an incentive to continue when you are ready.
  2. Alternatively play the long game and get rid of one item a day like they suggest on 365 Less things.
  3. Look at each item and decide if you want to keep it, as opposed to getting rid of it.
  4. Donate or sell as many of the decluttered items as possible to reap additional rewards (financially or in feelings of goodwill).
  5. Recycle anything remaining that can be recycled and see the bin as a last resort, but don’t agonise over it if you are struggling to find something a new home.

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