Reduce Mind Clutter

Do you feel that there is too much going on in your mind so it is difficult to relax? Perhaps you worry that you won’t remember everything that needs doing, let alone have time to actually do it. Maybe you spend too long regretting things that cannot be changed. Identify these sources. You might be surprised that there is only one or two types of problems causing the majority of the worry.

Once you have identified the types of problems then you can work out an approach for reducing them. This is often easier than you think. Below are some common problems and solutions.

Too many tasks – write a to do list so that you no longer have to worry about remembering the tasks. Prioritise them so you do the more urgent ones first.

Putting off larger tasks – break it down into several more manageable tasks.

Too little time – it is surprising how much time technology can take up. Try unplugging by only checking your emails at certain times, turning off social media notifications etc.

Too much time spent regretting the past – if you can’t change it then it’s time to let it go.

Worrying too much about decisions – commit to a decision by trusting your initial judgment and accepting that going over the same information doesn’t help. Only allow yourself to revisit it if new information comes to light.

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