Is Finding Purpose In Life Realistic?

Travel in Arctic Svalbard

Finding purpose in life is easier said than done, yet a life containing purpose is good for our well being.

Many people feel they should have one profound purpose in life. Searching for this is hard enough, let alone attempting to turn it into a reality. It can leave us feeling more deflated than ever.

Instead, try giving yourself a number of smaller, obtainable purposes. They should feel meaningful, inspire you and importantly, fit in your current life. It’s about creating purpose in daily life, so they can change over time and don’t all need to be life long goals.

Write them somewhere that will remind you of them and then do something towards one of them right away.

Mine are stuck to my fridge. Here they are, alongside explanations:

  1. Keep getting better – work on coping with and overcoming anxiety.
  2. Help others with anxiety or mental health problems – I’ve started by sharing my own experiences on this blog.
  3. Enjoy my friends and family – enjoy their company and be a good friend to them.
  4. Do activities I enjoy regularly – these are caving, running and pilates at present, but you could choose anything from crafts to reading.
  5. Travel to the places I most want to visit- The photo above is from a recent trip I took to an area of the Arctic I had wanted to visit for a long time.
  6. Have a positive impact on the environment – day to day life has a negative impact on the environment as we use resources and I want to outweigh this with positive actions.

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  1. eema says: Reply

    lovely sentiment, and so more doable!
    ‘purpose in life’ is so big.
    if today i can make someone smile, i did good.

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