Home Decluttering Update

In January I shared some tips I learnt from the process of decluttering my home. The aim was to create a less busy and calmer environment in which I could relax more easily. The decluttering has been worth it and has made a significant difference to the ambience. I now continue at a steadier pace.

Not all possessions are bad though. An unintended benefit of the decluttering is that it has enabled me to take the time to appreciate some of the possessions I have kept. The 5 I appreciate on a regular basis help keep me calmer, more positive or inspired.

  1. House plants – I keep one plant in each room and feel that they keep me better connected to nature.
  2. Framed photo of grandparents – I don’t live with my family so this is a homely reminder of them all.
  3. Globe – It inspires me to think about where I am going to visit next.
  4. Favourite candle – I can’t resist sniffing one particular candle whenever I am near it. It is one of those simple pleasures and brings a smile to my face.
  5. Stick blender – This one may sound strange but not only do I use it to make delicious and healthy smoothies, it reminds me of all the other positive changes I have made to my life recently too.

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