Is Your Job A Cause Of Major Stress?

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Is your job a cause of major stress in your life? It is easy to become so caught up in work frustrations that they take over our lives and we lose perspective of what is really important to us. Of course, if you work in a profession where it really is a matter of life and death then this post might not be helpful for you. For the rest of us, stepping back and gaining some perspective can make the world of difference.

Stepping back allows us to refocus on what is truly important to us and more often than not, it enables us to see that what was the cause of distress is really not that important to us after all. This is often easier said than done, as I have found out recently. Here are some questions I have been asking myself in order to gain the perspective I needed.

“Is a problem you are experiencing going to affect you in the long term or in a few weeks will you have forgotten all about it?” A problem that feels important at the time is often easily forgotten when we move on to the next thing.

“What is the worst thing that would happen if you fail to achieve a target/deadline?” You may find the outcome is unpleasant, but not as catastrophic as you first thought.

“If someone is being unpleasant at work, does that say more about them than it does about you?” You could also try focussing on being grateful for the fact that your real friends are nicer people.

“Are you ready to move on and look for a new job that unlocks more potential or happiness?” If you are unhappy with your current job, try viewing the situation as an opportunity to look for a job that progress your career, serves a more meaningful purpose or simply has a happier or more relaxed environment.

“What is truly important to you in your life?” It may be that your hobbies, home, family or friends are more important to you and that your job is simply a means of earning money for those things that do matter.

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